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intimate big sur wedding

/ Carmel, CA

Intimate Big Sur Wedding

Gina & YK’s Intimate Big Sur Wedding on the California Coast

Gina and YK are a truly California couple, and one after my own heart. They choose the BEST locations for their big events! I was able to capture their misty and magical engagement this year in my happy place, Joshua Tree National Park. And this year, their intimate Big Sur wedding on the California coast was something so special.

And yes, I know I’m slightly obsessed with Big Sur (like this intimate destination wedding early this year, or this gorgeous engagement session), but I just can’t get enough of this great location with great people. Scroll on to see some highlights of the Gina & YK’s day, or scroll down to read their story.

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Set the Scene

One of my first reactions to Gina and YK was “YES!” – this was in response to their request for an engagement shoot “somewhere with open scenery and exceptional views!” I knew we were going to get along great. And we did.

Their Joshua Tree engagement session was surprisingly misty and cold (which nearly never happens in this part of the desert), but they were troopers and the shots came out pretty magical. It also set the stage for their love of epic California scenery – which they would go on to choose for their wedding day.

Simple Sophistication

Did you get a look at Gina’s dress? How gorgeously simple and yet stunningly elegant is that? Both she and YK were styling laid-back but sophisticated looks for the day, which totally reflects their personalities. I also loved the prolonged couple’s shoot we had together right on the dramatic cliffs of Big Sur.

Often, during the rush of the big day, I only have a few minutes to grab some frames with the couple. Having a more simple timeline for their big day meant that we could take our time and get some really beautiful and intimate shots.

Small Ceremony, Big Day for this intimate Big Sur wedding

They chose to make their wedding a small, intimate affair with just a handful of friends and family invited. They also decided to for-go some of the classic wedding traditions like dancing, and instead opted for meaningful additions to their day; like having a beloved coworker officiate and keeping things simple to allow for lots of time for their couple’s shoot on the cliffs.

What great memories they’ll be able to take away with them from this first day of their newly married lives.

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Location: Bernadus Lodge, Carmel Valley
Gown: Amsale
Florist: The Bouqs Co.
Hair Stylist: Heidi’s Studio
Wedding Coordinator: Stacey Clapp

Sebastien Bicard is a wedding and portrait photographer based in California. He specializes in international travel and intimate weddings worldwide.