Big Sur Elopement Photographer


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Why an elopement?

Eloping opens the door to your wildest dreams.

An elopement is this moment in time where you do what you want when you want it.

This day is about you, and you only. My style tells your story organically without staging anything. Seeing and recording these little moments, these beautiful imperfections that make you unique. In addition, I spend time getting to know you to be sure your expectations are met. We will talk, laugh and share personal stories weeks before your elopement. We won't be strangers anymore.

Do you have questions about locations, timing, golden hour, blue hour, outfits, accommodation, permits, etc.? I will go over everything with you. My work also consists of bringing the information you need to make the process a smooth and fun experience.

After all this time deepening our relationship, we will be closer and excited to meet. No more awkward "hi," let's hug and have the best day!

Big Sur Photographer

Big Sur is the dreamiest location to elope on the California coast. Considered one of the state's top locations, you will embrace the beauty and the force of nature on your elopement day.

From the Redwoods to the ocean cliffs, I will help you craft the most memorable day based on my knowledge of the area after documenting dozens of stories there as a Big Sur Elopement photographer.

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Big Sur sunset engagement session

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Call me Seb!

I found that my photography style is the best tool to help my couples feel more comfortable showing vulnerability. After a few video calls, calls, and emails, we connect personally, allowing me to document your story naturally.

Elopements are crazy flexible and focus on quality time. The rules don't apply anymore; freedom is the way to go. Did you ever ask yourself what you want to do on the day you make one of your most significant commitments? I will help you answer that question.

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