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Hey there! I'm Sebastien.

Life was somewhat easy for me for quite a long time. Young, I build a special bond with my dad that will play a major role later. Life went on and I found myself in a stable place. Well paid job, a house, wife, kids and friends. I thought I could not ask for more. Life was “easy”.

The early death of my dad opened my eyes: it only felt easy because I refused to be accountable for my choices. I was actually selfish and driven by my own person. It was the first time I decided to show vulnerability. To be honest with me, a necessary evil. This realization made me feel more at peace than anything before. Big changes happened after: I got divorced, I quit my job, I moved to a new country and the most profound change was to marry my wife Tessa. My lobster.

And I found myself.

I don’t believe we need to change everything. In my case, being vulnerable fuels an incredible thirst to keep growing taking risks everywhere I go, with anyone I meet. I’m in a place where photography is the best tool to help couples feel more comfortable showing vulnerability towards each other so they can see how an unconditional love will lead them to a more meaningful life.

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More about my beliefs

Hey, you said TRAVEL?

I was born and raised in Paris, France. I moved to California in 2016 and my first travel abroad was in Lebanon. My first trek was in Nepal. My wife and I backpacked for six months in Asia before moving to the USA. Traveling is part of my soul. After all this time meeting different cultures, I learned how to be a chameleon. This skill now serves me either you get married in San Francisco, Paris or anywhere else. I speak different languages, the more useful one being non-verbal. Interacting without talking is a great way to connect with various people, friends, and family on a wedding day.

If you plan on getting married, eloping or having personal memories in places where you need someone with language skills and who connect with people, hit me up!

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Olivia and Jordan Hawaii Oahu Wedding Photographer


Amazing and fun from start to finish! From our first interaction I felt comfortable and trusted you to produce some killer photos for us...which you did!!!

You made the entire experience a blast. You are great at making each client feel special and valued. Even the guests at our wedding loved your enthusiasm and positive vibes!!

Sonja and Mack Big Sur wedding photographer


Easy, relational, and fun! The experience truly exceeded our expectations.

We loved your warm personality that let us feel at ease, even from the first Skype session. This translated into us also feeling very comfortable with you on our wedding day. We loved that your personality was able to shine through, while still being professional and getting AMAZING shots. All of our family and friends raved about how fun our photographer was. And then they raved even more after we showed them the photos!

We also loved that all of the photos were candid. Nothing felt staged. It was such an accurate representation of our day, including things that other people might not have thought were "picture perfect." All of those details were a part of our wedding day and we love having them all captured.

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Wonderful! A pleasure to work with. You were both professional and passionate which is a great quality to have.



AMAZING! We feel like we meshed with you right away from our first phone call. When we met in person for the engagement photos in San Luis Obispo / Montana de Oro we had such a blast. You helped us feel comfortable right away and in no time we forgot you were taking our picture. What is even better is how epic the wind was and how incredible the photos turned out!

Our wedding day was just as fantastic - you were absolutely amazing with traveling to both of us getting ready and all day/night at the venue. Again you made us feel so comfortable (even though it was SO hot!). Our photos turned out incredible and we are so thankful to have our whole day documented in such a beautiful way.