Hey there, I’m Sebastien.

If you are a cool couple, an interesting individual, or just someone who is awesome…I want to photograph you.

But why should you choose me to capture your memories?

First, I’d love for you to take a look at my weddings and couples portfolio. If you like my style, there’s a good chance we’ll work well together.

Second, I’d invite you to read a couple of my blog posts. This will help you envision what the experience of the wedding day photography or portrait sessions are like with me on the scene.

Third, I’ll tell you a little more about myself. If you don’t think I’m a total weirdo after this, then we should definitely work together:

I am French and have an accent. So don’t be freaked out when you hear me speak for the first time. Some people even find it charming.

Small, intimate and destination weddings are my specialty. I really enjoy the unique connections created in these settings.

I discovered my passion for photography after getting my first ‘real’ camera in 2002. I quit my desk job to do what makes me and others happy: capturing weddings and people in love.

Over the past years, I’ve shot weddings all over the world, but am especially experienced in California and France – my two ‘homes’.

Traveling is hugely important to my personal and professional life. I never miss an opportunity to travel – near or far. I’ll even give you a smoking deal if your photo project takes me somewhere cool – contact me for more details.

I’m currently based in Northern California – perfectly located between some of the most amazing mountains, coastline and wine country in the world.

Ready to book a session or talk about a photo project?

Contact me here and let’s make it happen.

“Being an entirely unbiased person, I can honestly say that Sebastien is without a doubt the most talented photographer I’ve ever worked with. He’s super handsome too. There is that what you wanted me to say, my love?”

Tessa Bicard, most photographed wife in the world

Leeds, UK

“Two days ago, this wonderful photographer shot our wedding. We knew he was brilliant when we asked him, but we had no idea just how completely perfectly he would capture the emotion of the day. Seb is dynamic and charming, able to deftly direct groups of people into position for beautiful, heartfelt shots. For our couple photos, he found the most gorgeous locations, and truly captured our love for each other. I cannot recommend him highly enough; you will never find another photographer of the same calibre”


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