Cheyenne & John

San Francisco wedding photography

/ Muir Woods, Muir Beach CA

San Francisco Wedding Photography and a Muir Woods Engagement Shoot

A North Bay Muir Woods Engagement Shoot

If you ever hang out with Cheyenne and John, don’t let them buy you tequila unless you’re ready to party. I’ll just leave it at that.

In all seriousness though, their San Francisco wedding photography North Bay engagement session in Muir Woods and Muir beach was a total blast. Scroll down to see their gorgeous sunset session, or scroll down to read their story.

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May the Force Be With You

If you’ve never been to Muir Woods, drop what you’re doing and go immediately. Or at least, try to make it there the next time you’re in the Bay Area. It’s a seriously under appreciated little corner of San Francisco wilderness.

It’s probably best known for being the location where they filmed the scenes for Star Wars – Return of the Jedi on the forest moon of Endor (which is not accurate – they were actually filmed in Redwoods National Park further north, but they look super similar). In any case, the woods feel impressively beautiful, big and a great backdrop for an epic photo shoot.

After shooting in the woods, we ventured a few miles down the road to the Muir Beach Overlook, and Muir Beach itself. Both highly aesthetic locations to continue their sunset shoot. It’s kind of incredible to be able to shoot in dense mystic redwoods, and on an open sunny beach just a few minutes later – but that’s the beauty of the Northern California coast!

Muir the One That I Want

Enthusiastic. Mercilessly teasing. Totally in love. And beautiful to boot. That would be a quick description of these two love birds. You can probably imagine what kind of a mood was set for their engagement shoot then – tons of laughter, great connection. Basically, a super easy job for me.

These two self-proclaimed nerds are some of the most adorable people I’ve met. When some of your first contact with a couple results in them declaring that their travels include “to the grocery store”, you know it’s going to be a good time. I also vaguely remember their meet-cute story involving a chronically allergic-to-shoes, John and a confused hungover party hostess, Cheyenne. It was funny anyway.

I have to admit that their light-hearted and fun attitudes made for an awesome session. They even ended their shoot with a Champagne shower on the beach at twilight! The Champagne may have been hot (having spent the afternoon in the car) but the bubbles were there to be enjoyed nonetheless. Much fun and enjoyment ensued. Now on to their wedding, which is bound to be original and awesome! Stay tuned for pics to come.

Do you have a cool or unique location you’d like to shoot your engagement photos in Northern California (or anywhere)? Contact me and let’s make it happen!

Sebastien Bicard is a wedding and portrait photographer based in California. He specializes in international travel and intimate weddings worldwide.