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Top photo picks 2016

2016 Best Of

2016 was a big year for me! It was my first official year to set up shop as a Bay Area Wedding Photographer. It was my first full high season in the US. And it was a year full of new and intriguing travel.

But most importantly, 2016 included was filled with tons of kick ass couples and individuals who allowed me to capture their love! So first of all, I want to give a HUGE thanks to ALL the folks who worked with me this year. You all make my job the best in the world, and I am so grateful.

Here is just a small selection of some of my favorite shots throughout the year.

Wedding Photographer in Bay Area

I also want to thank my kick-ass connections – both online and off. Whether you follow me on social media, comment or share my photos with family, or just give me a high five when we meet, you have welcomed me into this big, beautiful community and I am touched. I couldn’t have done it without some of my fellow photographers and mentors support. You have made the transition here to the US pretty awesome.

2016 also featured some pretty incredible travel opportunities – for both professional and personal reasons. Shooting in places like Tanzania, India, Hawaii, Mexico, France, and all over the beautiful Bay Area of California offered an amazing range of natural beauty and culture.

With all that said, I tried hard to narrow down all the thousands of frames I took this year to just a handful of my favorite shots. This is just a slim selection, but if you want to see more make sure to check out my previous blog posts on weddings, couples, and travel.

I’m looking forward to another busy, challenging and amazing year in 2017. Tons of travel, awesome new people, and unknown adventures await. Merci et Bonne Année à tous!