A Memorable Cuffey's Cove Wedding in Elk, CA

Michelle & Stewart

cuffey's cove wedding

/ Elk, California

A Memorable Cuffey’s Cove Wedding in Elk, CA

I arrived in the idyllic village of Elk, California, just a short distance south of picturesque Mendocino, to photograph an intimate Cuffey’s Cove wedding celebration – I left with friendships that I hope last a lifetime! 

With a backdrop of sweeping views of the Northern California coastline and the beautifully-preserved historic homes and barns at Cuffey’s Cove Historic Ranch, I was able to capture the rich and deeply meaningful wedding ceremony and reception between Michelle and Stewart. Their festivities perfectly matched the people I have come to know…memorable, imaginative, and filled with romance and love.

Visual Story | Wedding Day

Visual Story | Day After

These Two are Perfect for Each Other…

Stewart and Michelle knew they were meant for a lifetime of adventures when Stewart suggested their first date be a progressive brussel sprouts crawl to tour the best offerings available and Michelle enthusiastically agreed. Now, when I asked where they call home, they each immediately spoke the other’s name. This would no doubt be a special weekend.

…and in the Perfect Location!

The light in Northern California is unlike anywhere else…ethereal, misty, evocative with an almost fairy-tale quality. The entire intimate wedding photographed as if it were shrouded in a silky gossamer. From their private and profoundly moving “First Look” (where I luckily was able to blend into the background), to their incredible ceremony on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, to the reception and party set in a restored barn that was equal parts elegant and rustic, I was able to capture and preserve their unspoiled day.

During this weekend, along with their close-knit group of family and friends, Michelle and Stewart created a commemoration that perfectly expressed their meaningful and inspiring pledge to one another. Intimate, yet inclusive, this wedding venue in Mendocino County was absolutely picture perfect and allowed everyone to connect, reconnect, or get to know one another and foster connections with those they were just meeting!

Honoring the Story for this Cuffey’s Cove wedding

As a photographer, I’m invited into a couple’s most private and special moments. It’s important to learn about their interests, what they see as their future together, and how they interact with each other and the world. I’m always humbled by the trust and belief that people place in me when I’m included in their orbit for such special occasions.

When I’m engaging with a couple through photography, I always try to honor their story and the commitment they’re sharing. It’s important to remember that an archive is being created to share their narrative with future family and friends. For the couple themselves, revisiting these experiences should be vivid, affecting, visceral; their photos should take them back emotionally to each scenario captured in frame. 

While I’m fortunate to travel the world photographing wedding and couples sessions, my home base is in Northern California and when I’m lucky enough to spend creative time on this dramatic, breathtaking stretch of coastline, I’m reminded of past encounters and my own personal adventures. Thank you, Michelle and Stewart, for allowing me to be part of your wedding day!

Whether you’re interested in small, intimate celebrations, destination weddings or a big, lively event, I would love to be your photographer — contact me and let’s create something blissfully memorable together. 

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Wedding Team

Photographer: Sebastien Bicard
Location: Cuffey’s Cove Ranch, Elk CA
Wedding Coordinator: Joyeux Events
Hait Stylist: M Salon
Bride Dress: Rebecca Schoneveld
Groom Suit: ASOS
Food: Pilon Kitchen
Flower: Mendocino Floral Design
Gelato: Pazzo Marco
Music: Funklor
Video: Elegant Events Media