Sebastien Bicard

Sacramento, CA

/ Photographer

A relaxing surf vibe for this French wedding near Biarritz

Relaxing Wedding in Southwest France

Do you think it’s possible to have your whole wedding be a chilled out, relaxing wedding? Sounds kind of like a dream – a dream many couples would love to have for their big day. Scroll down to see images of Mary and Stéphane’s awesome day.

Surf’s Up

Mary and Stéphane may have had just as much stress in the months of planning and organizing, but when it actually came down to their week-long wedding in the south of France, their relaxed and happy vibe made everything seem easy, fun, and enjoyable. In the cool surfer town near Biarritz, this stylish but chill vibe fits perfectly. I was lucky enough to be behind my camera to document their easy, fun, and meaningful event.

Family & Friends

One of the ways they kept it low-key was by gathering family and friends several days ahead. This meant less last minute rushing around to accommodate arrivals and it helped a lot in creating the relaxed atmosphere. Mary and Stéphane have two kids aged 3 and 7, and they played a big part of the wedding day. Having lots of friends and family around for several days made is seem more like a relaxed family reunion than a formal ceremony. After the ceremony and the evening events, they also continued to take it easy by spending their wedding night in an awesome vintage orange VW bus on site. Stéphane used to own one himself, so this was a cute nod to the beginning of their story together. Love it!

SouthWest Vibe & relaxing wedding Biarritz

I’m pumped to share a few images of their day which took place in the South West of France in a town near Biarritz. The area is pretty famous in the surf world for big waves and beautiful beaches. I wish I could say I knew more about surfing, but I prefer to stay safely on the sand and snap pics of beautiful people like Mary and Stéphane. Now I’d invite you to fully soak in this chilled out wedding event by relaxing in your chair and enjoying their images while listening to La Femme, an awesome rock band from the same area. No stress!

Sebastien Bicard is a fine art wedding and portrait photographer based in Paris and California. He specializes in international travel and destination weddings worldwide.