Candace & John

Lake Tahoe Wedding photography

/ Ritz Carlton, Tahoe CA

An Elegant Tahoe Wedding at the Ritz Carlton

Global Couple Ties the Knot | Lake Tahoe Wedding Photography

He’s Irish. She’s American. They met in Australia over a glass of Jameson. And last fall, Candace and John got married in the gorgeous mountains of Northern California.

This intimate and elegant wedding celebration brought together their loved ones from all over the world. Take a look at their elegant Lake Tahoe Wedding photography below, or read more of their international love story below.

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Long Distance Love

Although many of us have probably experienced a long distance relationship a one time or another, Candace and John’s experience takes it to another level. While planning their wedding and waiting to start their life together as husband and wife, they lived over 7000 miles apart for a year and a half! While the couple says it was challenging, it also was a wonderful opportunity to deepen their communication and get super excited to finally be together when they tied the knot!

Being in an international relationship myself (my wife is American, I am French), I could instantly relate to their story. I was super honored to be a part of this global wedding celebration in Tahoe.

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

I was super excited to shoot this charming couple’s intimate wedding. And also stoked to be capturing their big day in one of my favorite places in NorCal: Tahoe. The Ritz Carlton Tahoe in Truckee, to be precise. During the winter, this locale is covered in a blanket of white and welcomes skiers. During the early fall day when Candace and John were married, the woods and mountains were a perfect backdrop to their elegant celebration. Just check out their charming first look out in the trees!

Elegance and Simplicity

When you see at Candace’s gown and beauty look, and John’s suite, and the stunning location, you can easily imagine the vision for their big day. It was traditional without being conventional, and elegant without being stuffy. This made for such a lovely intimate occasion for all their friends and family coming from near and far. Their big day was truly the beginning of their new life together, and I’m so happy for them. Congratulations guys!

Here are some of the kind words that Candace had to say about the experience:

“Words cannot describe how fantastic Sebastien was on our day! He was honest, communicative, funny and had us feeling so relaxed. All of our guests remarked at how lovely he was and even my other vendors wanted his card. He truly has a gift for lighting, capturing candid moments and reflecting the beauty of your location. If I can give one piece advice to new brides it would be to book Sebastien!”

Venue • The Ritz-Carlton Tahoe
Hair and Makeup Artist • Michelle Cambell from Love is in the Hair
Wedding Coordinator •  Mearse Wedding Consulting
Gown • Maggie Sottero
Florist • Rosebud Floral Designs

Sebastien Bicard is a wedding and portrait photographer based in California. He specializes in international travel and intimate weddings worldwide.