Sebastien Bicard

Sacramento, CA

/ Photographer

Intimate and Stylish couple session

Honeymoon in Paris

Cristina and Tyler met in 2011 through mutual friends and they came to Europe for their honeymoon in Paris. They got married a couple of months ago and they reached out to me for a fun stylish shoot in Paris during their trip.

After talking with them a bit, we were off for a sunny afternoon in the City of Light. This being a romantic honeymoon session in Paris, we were looking to include some of the city’s famous sites and we eventually decided to go for Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower and Montmartre!

Thanks to their charming personalities, Cristina and Tyler really enjoyed each other all day long. We laughed, talked, shared our travel stories and when the night fell over Paris, I almost couldn’t believe the day was over! They describe themselves as an unbreakable team and I totally saw that during our time together. They embody a certain newlywed happiness which I will always remember.