Armstrong Redwoods Wedding Photographer-4

Teresa & Nick

Armstrong Redwoods Elopement

/ Guerneville, CA

A Romantic Elopement in Sonoma

A Romantic Armstrong Redwoods Elopement in Northern California

Teresa and Nick opted for an intimate Armstrong Redwoods Elopement in Sonoma Co., but they didn’t skimp on the glamorous details for their big day. Okay, can I just say that this wedding made me so happy?

I know it’s supposed to be about the bride, the groom and their guests, but as their wedding photographer, I couldn’t help but beam all day long. Scroll down to see the highlights from their wedding, or read more of their story below.

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Laughter & Light

Teresa and Nick are one of those couples who enjoy making each other laugh. In fact, one of the things that makes them unique is their sense of humor – they can’t stop cracking each other up! And it’s a delight to see their love for each other.

They contacted me a few months ago and shared with me the vision of their big day: an intimate ceremony with a few close friends and family, in a beautiful location. Nothing too fancy or over-the-top, and most of all, meaningful.

Wow, they’re totally speaking my language! When I’m able to capture these small elopements or intimate weddings, I get really excited by shooting candid images of the emotion of the day. Fewer people means more flexibility and time that the bride and groom can spend with each person. It feels so special and I love their story together.

Wilderness & Woods

When you think of Sonoma County, you probably are imagining rolling vineyards, boutique wineries, and lots of beautiful NorCal scenery. Well, there’s that (and it’s gorgeous)…but near the small town of Guerneville, there is a pretty spectacular State Natural Reserve called Armstrong Redwoods. Since Teresa and Nick are self-proclaimed lovers of mountains and woods, it’s not a huge surprise that they choose one of their favorite places to tie the knot.

Not only were we able to take advantage of the intimate cool ambiance of the woods, but after just a short walk, we were blessed with such a beautiful point of view over the valley. Did you check out the fantastic contrast of the dried grass and stunning oaks? So NorCal. So beautiful. And so fitting for their wedding day.

I hope you enjoyed the muted colors, stunning details and all around love of their intimate wedding celebration. I certainly enjoyed being a part of it! Thanks guys.

Location: Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve and Tallulah’s Shack
Florist: California Sister
Caterer: Preferred Sonoma Caterers
Cake: Wind & Rye Kitchen

Sebastien Bicard is a wedding and portrait photographer based in California. He specializes in international travel and intimate weddings worldwide.