A Magical Whispertree Wedding: Nina and Douglas

Capturing Love at Whispertree in Boonville, CA

As a Mendocino wedding photographer based in Northern California, I have the privilege of capturing some of the most beautiful and heartfelt moments in people’s lives. Recently, I had the honor of photographing Nina and Douglas’s Whispertree wedding at the enchanting venue in Boonville, CA. This incredible location, nestled in the serene beauty of Boonville, provided the perfect backdrop for their special day.

The Essence of Their Special Day

Nina and Douglas’s Whispertree wedding was a celebration of love, authenticity, and community. The couple’s connection and the joy of their loved ones were palpable, making my role as their photographer both an honor and a delight. They shared, “We were honestly kind of suspended in time. We were amazed at how perfectly you captured the essence and vibe of our special occasion, and how you were everywhere all at once and yet floating unseen. We cried–the photos are everything we could have hoped for and so much more.”

Their feedback touched me deeply, reinforcing the importance of capturing the true spirit of each wedding I photograph. My approach is documentary and cinematographic, aiming to tell a story through my lens. I strive to create a comfortable and enjoyable environment where couples can be their authentic selves, resulting in images that are both beautiful and genuine.

The Importance of Connection

One of the key elements in my photographic style is building a connection with the couples I work with. Nina and Douglas mentioned, “You make us feel seen, heard, and like you care to know our authentic selves and to help us be at ease in a ‘come as you are’ way.” This connection allows us to work together seamlessly, capturing moments that truly reflect the couple’s unique bond.

Advice for Future Couples

Nina and Douglas have some heartfelt advice for couples planning their weddings: “I would suggest taking some time before the whole wedding planning process to sit together and talk through together what your deepest values are as individuals and as a couple, and as you begin planning check in with yourself about what those are because you can easily get sidetracked by a bunch of ideas (from society, industry, and other people) about what you’re ‘supposed’ to do. Remember this is the occasion to celebrate your partnership and your community, and you can do it whatever way feels genuine to you.”

This wisdom is invaluable, reminding us all that a wedding should be a true reflection of the couple’s values and love.

Let’s Create Something Beautiful Together

If you’re planning your engagement, elopement, or wedding in California or beyond, I’d love to help you capture the magic of your special day. As a dedicated Mendocino wedding photographer, my goal is to provide you with stunning, timeless images that tell your unique love story. Reach out to me, and let’s make your dream wedding a reality.


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A Magical Whispertree Wedding: Nina and Douglas