Nancy & David

wedding in Yosemite national park

/ Evergreen Lodge, Yosemite CA

Outdoorsy and Stylish Yosemite Wedding

Nancy and David’s Weekend Wedding in Yosemite National Park

It’s hard for me to look at these images and not immediately want to be transported to this place. Don’t you think? I mean, Yosemite National Park is, by far, one of my favorite places on earth. So when Nancy and David told me they were planning a full weekend of wedding festivities in one of the most epic places on the globe, I couldn’t wait to help them capture the love! A wedding in Yosemite National Park? Yes please!

Not only did they enjoy a gorgeous and meaningful ceremony in the woods, but they were game enough to plan a killer Day-Before hike and session in their full wedding regalia. If you like beautiful people in majestic natural landscapes, keep scrolling to see their session and wedding. Or read their full story below.

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Daring a Day-Before for your wedding in Yosemite National Park

Attention brides and grooms: if you possibly can manage it, a Day-Before your wedding session is one of the best investments in time and energy that you can do for your wedding. For several reasons which I’ll explore below.

Nancy and David choose to do a Day-Before HIKE to the unbelievable Taft Point. They packed up their wedding outfits, laced up their hiking boots and we were off for one of the most spectacular sunset sessions I’ve ever done! When your bride and groom are up for taking photos on a 3,000-foot granite cliff edge, you know they’re going to be freaking fun to work with!

Okay, now here are my arguments for Day-Before Shots. If you’re a future bride or groom, please read and think about doing a Day-Before session for these reasons:

  1. You get to spend some sacred moments with your beloved.

    You’ve been planning, and saving, and organizing, and thinking, talking, eating, sleeping, breathing “wedding” for the past few weeks/months. Am I right? So what better way to relax and take a deep breath before the big day than with a fun and easy moment just the two of you (okay, and your photographer: but I’m discreet, I promise)? This is a perfect time to reflect on the significance of your union; just the two of you, and get your energy up for tomorrow. Some couples even choose to share love letters or their vows ahead of time in a private and intimate moment. A truly precious time.

  2. You get some amazing shots

    Having the time and energy to do a day-before session means that we can take advantage of the best light and best locations. As you probably know, lighting conditions and the ‘golden hour’ may or may not line up perfectly with your wedding day itinerary. So having a day-before session with a little more flexibility means you’ll get the ideal conditions for those epic, magazine-worthy shots.

  3. You can focus on your guests the next day

    I always include a few moments for couple shoots on the day of the wedding. Sometimes this comes before the ceremony in a private “first look” moment. Sometimes it’s after the family photos and before cocktail hour. In any event, we’ll find a moment to sneak away and grab some special shots of the bride and groom on your big day. But having a day-before session can alleviate some of the stress of making time on an already packed day. If we’ve already got some awesome shots of you two together, you can concentrate on your friends and family. And definitely enjoy the party!

Don’t get me wrong; if you can’t swing it, you’ll definitely get some amazing and emotional shots on your wedding day, but a day before session can be really special

National Park Love

I’ve mentioned it before, but full wedding weekends are AWESOME! Nancy and David, who live in LA, managed to assemble their friends and family in the beautiful Evergreen Lodge location just outside of the park boundaries, for a full weekend of events, activities, fun, and love.

Having everyone present in such an amazing location for several days meant that memories and bonds were strengthened, and the celebration of their union was that much stronger for it.

Yosemite Ever After

Nancy and David were a super awesome couple to work with. Their feedback upon receiving their photos was so sincere and touching. I was so proud to be a part of their day. Read below for some of their comments:

When asked about their overall experience: It was more than we could hope for! Seriously, you were amazing. You were so easy to work with! You’re such a trooper.

We had no idea a wedding photographer could be so awesome! All our friends and family adored you. You work with such ease and confidence, too, which gave us a sense of comfort and trust in you. We didn’t have to worry about poses or backgrounds, we just had fun and enjoyed every moment of our shoots.

You captured everything so well- the lighting, movement, emotions, scenery. Just beautiful in every way! And I don’t know how you did it, but you managed to take so many photos of everyone and everywhere by yourself! Amazing.

Special shout-out to the lovely Truvelle team for the featured story on their blog! Gorgeous and unique wedding dresses never looked so good.

Are you planning an epic wedding weekend celebration? Contact me and let’s make it happen!

Day Before Session Location: Taft Point, Yosemite National Park
Ceremony and Reception Location: Evergreen Lodge, Groveland CA
Gown: Truvelle
Wedding Coordinator: Yoanna Logan
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Sebastien Bicard is a wedding and portrait photographer based in California. He specializes in international travel and intimate weddings worldwide.