Sebastien Bicard

Sacramento, CA

/ Photographer

Odelia & Jonathan • Wedding in Paris, France

A Jewish wedding is a really special event. It’s special for the couple, of course, but it is such a colorful and exciting opportunity to capture as a photographer. If you’ve never been to a wedding like this, check out this wedding in Paris! 

This wedding ceremony was divided into three main events: the chatan (Hebrew for groom) and kallah (bride) had their civil ceremony at city hall on Wednesday. Then the colorful henna party took place on Thursday. This is the time where the guests have their hands dyed with henna, and friends and family dance late into the night, often in traditional dress. Sunday is set aside for the religious ceremony in the synagogue. The wedding week is a bit of a marathon, what with all the different events and all the traditional rules to follow.

I followed Odelia & Jonathan for these three days of unique celebration in and around Paris. They were so nice, and just a bit shy. You can see their personality and connection in the images. This is one of my main goals: beyond the decorations and traditions, I want to capture pictures that really define you.