Sebastien Bicard

Sacramento, CA

/ Photographer

British Charm at the Mansion in Leeds

Traveling for your job is a treat, but traveling to a country you barely know is always an adventure. And that’s what England is for me: a funny, rainy country to the North, with a very specific brand of dry humor that I love (even if their accent can be tricky sometimes). Even better than just traveling in England is having the opportunity to cover a wedding there! This one happened to take place in Leeds, with a delightful couple: Nicola and Ryan.  

Nicola is smart, fresh, and funny with a sometimes caustic sense of humor. Ryan is a calm source of strength and reliability. Together, they really are a charming and lovely couple. It was a pleasure to spend time with them and capture their special day. Being their wedding photographer and documenting their day at the Mansion was truly an honor.

Everyone knows that England is famous for its great weather, right? Yeah, and for a wedding set in April, I was completely prepared for massive rain. As luck would have it, the storm held off for the ceremony, the cocktails, and even a short walk in the park for pictures of the newlyweds. It started pouring just as we were returning to the Mansion for Yorkshire rarebit and sticky toffee pudding. Whew!  

I am happy to share these images with you. They document the whole wedding weekend – from brunch with the boys all the way through the last call on the dance floor. Enjoy!