Sebastien Bicard

Sacramento, CA

/ Photographer

A Walk in Rome • Travel Photography

I’m a traveler at heart. I’ve traveled a lot over the past years; I even did a 6 month trip in Asia last year (check out one of my portfolios or my blog, if you’re interested about travel photography). In all the places I visit, I ask myself whether or not I could stay there permanently. Whether or not I could make my life there. Whether or not that place would become a part of me. And mostly, even if I love the place, I know that it will never be Home.

Rome is different. Rome is unique. Rome is something I have never really experienced before. Rome could very potentially be Home.

From the sites, to the smells, the sounds, the colors – everything there blew my mind! My fingers are itching to book a trip back as soon as possible.  I’m a foodie and a big fan of dolce far niente. If you combine the two, it’s a winner. The relaxed feeling of the sweet life permeates the whole city, wafting over the rooftop terraces smelling of fresh pasta and olive oil. What could be better?

The best way I can describe Rome is as a living museum. There is no queue; you just walk in the city and you can marvel at thousand-years-old buildings, at the antique fountains hidden in the back of private courtyards, at the ruins of ancient Rome still standing…and just soak it all in!

The last touch is the Italian culture. Coming from the sometimes standoffish and ignoring (okay, rude) attitude of Paris, I was pleasantly surprised to feel the boisterous hospitality of these Italians: warm, friendly and loud.

All these delights combined make me yearn to experience Rome longterm and who knows – maybe someday I’ll call it Home.

Now I invite you to follow my walk in Rome, and more importantly, experience it for yourself!