Ashley & Sam

"Fantastic experience filled with energy that made the day fun and relaxed."

We most enjoyed the energy you brought to the day and showing your excitement for taking each picture. Seeing you get really excited for a shot made us really excited and more relaxed in a way. The only thing we would have changed from the day would have been to have more time with you!

You brought such a sense of comfort and made connections that made us feel vulnerable to be totally ourselves and at ease. We thought we would be stiff and awkward, but the way you worked made us not even think about it.

We both agree that the day and everything leading up to it exceeded our expectations.

Couple portrait in Marin Headlands after their elopement at San Francisco City Hall California

Elopement in San Francisco — California

Tiffany & Bud

Tiffany and Bud are walking back to their wedding dinner at the Waterfall Lodge in Ben Lomond California

You blended in so well with our friends, family and us, while also maintaining a professional yet relaxed demeanor - all while capturing amazing candids and directing the formal shots.

We knew you were very talented but we really were blown away by all the different angles and moments you captured - some seemed to happen at the same time, we have no idea how you captured them! [You] captured all the moments of the day and fit in to any situation you find yourself in.

Wedding in Santa Cruz — California

Michelle & Matt

First Look and first touch between Michelle and Matt on their intimate wedding day in Lake Tahoe

We loved how easy you made the whole process and how comfortable you made us feel.

You brought trustworthiness- we knew that we could be in the moment and have you capture us for who we are. We also didn’t expect to build a relationship with you - you were apart and witnessed a huge part of our lives and always want to keep in touch with you!

Wedding in SIerraville — California

Oxana & Walter

Yosemite Glacier Point Elopement best photos

We felt that you always went the extra mile to get the perfect shot. We enjoyed the most the mood and atmosphere created to keep us uplifted from the time of booking to the day of elopement. Can't really think of any least :)

Despite the circumstances (smoky conditions and missing on the sunset at Taft) we still think that we got AMAZING photos.

When we first saw the pictures they were breathtaking. We got unique photos that are different from everyone else.

Elopement in Yosemite — California

Maya & Mahmoud

San Francisco Elopement Portrait

Aside from your photo style, I appreciated how thorough you were in your emails. It made me confident that you cared about

your work and making your [couples] happy.

We were in love with the photos, and I (Maya) was already thinking about what frames to buy! It's hard to pick a favorite,

honestly, but we really liked the dark black and white photos.

Couple Session in San Francisco — California

Andrea & Steven

We enjoyed having you be "in the moment" throughout every aspect of our day. It was a very special day for us and our

families and it meant a lot to have had a photographer who understood this and knew how to be "part of the family" and truly

experience the magic of the day with us.

We loved your direction, your eye for lighting and beautiful moments, and for capturing

our true love during the couples' photos. Also your energy was SUCH an important part of our day- your excitement and

enthusiasm was such an important part of the feeling of our day.

Sunset Bay Area Elopement photos

Elopement in Walnut Creek — California

Randeep & Sarb

Sunset engagement session at Taft Point in Yosemite California

You made our experience the best we could imagine. You are the type of person who makes others feel comfortable even if they are shy. We definitely felt like you have been our friend not just someone we just met. Your very nice and humble. We could definitely use more people like you.

You made us feel like ourselves, you didn’t just want the photo shoot to be done instead you got to know us and actually cared about what we liked about each other.

Engagement Session in Yosemite — California

Leanna & Michael


You have contagious energy - not only do you have unlimited energy, but your energy and positive outlook are contagious to your couples so that no matter what happens, they feel like everything is going to turn out great.

We feel warmth and cared for. After spending time with you, we want more to be the best version of ourselves and genuine towards others because that is the kind of person you are.

Wedding in Palo Alto — California

Micaela & Kevin

Working with you was so easy, stress-free and an overall better experience that we could have ever hoped for.

You brought comfort and reassurance that was not expected, as well as guidance in planning the wedding day timeline and tremendous help in executing the wedding day timeline. We expected to have to pose a lot and to spend a ton of time taking photos on the day of our wedding, but were thrilled with how much you captured in a small amount of time.

In addition to preserving special memories, you made the experience truly fun and enjoyable.
There is honestly nothing we did not enjoy working with you!

Yosemite Wedding Venues-Taft Point Wedding Photographer

Wedding in Yosemite — California

Anna & Minh

Anna and Minh during their wedding ceremony at the French Oak Ranch in Santa Rosa California

Working with Sebastien on our wedding day was probably one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. You brought us endless smiles and a chill vibe throughout our wedding day.

[Looking through the images] was beautiful and reminded us of all the little moments we had forgotten about due to how quickly the day went by. Also, it made me (Anna) teary, thinking about how I wished to be able to go back to that day again.

Wedding in Santa Rosa — California

Lindsey & Christian

Wedding Ceremony at the Palace of Fine Arts in the heart of San Francisco California

Seb added a much-needed rich element of tranquility while providing uncompromised attention to the everlasting details of our special day!

He delivered everything we expected and more. The amazing touches were incorporating music, words, and ideas from our initial conversations into tableaus of stillness and love.

Wedding in San Francisco — California

Madeleine & Scott

Wedding portrait at the stunning Olympia's Valley Estate in Petaluma California

Sebastien was everything we wanted in a wedding photographer, and so much more--he's family now.

Aside from the outstanding quality of photos, we LOVED the positive energy Sebastien brought to the day, and all of our previous appointments and shoots--our family and friends all commented on how wonderful he is to be around, and we think it showed in the pictures.

Wedding in Petaluma — California