Yosemite engagement photos at Taft Point

Dani & AJ

yosemite engagement photos

/ Taft Point, Yosemite CA

A spectacular Yosemite couple session over 2 days

Danielle & AJ Yosemite engagement photos at Taft Point

I’m going to start talking a little more about my workflow and how having a strong connection with my couples is key. Don’t get me wrong, having a couple with a very unique physical connection is pure magic.

I also consider that building a real relationship all together help everyone to have a better time, to free us and to let us be us! I love doing couple sessions (or what we call generally an engagement session), especially here in Northern California.  There is something I like even more is to travel in these places while laughing, chatting (occasionally having some drinks) together. I work hard even before meeting you to be sure you have all the details in hand. I want you to be excited before starting to shoot. It gets me excited too by the way!!

We go over the wardrobe, location or what does it mean exactly to shoot candids for an engagement session. For most of you, it will be your first time (I hope it won’t be the last!) and the process can be just overwhelming. Nah, now I’m here to make it FUN.

Yosemite engagement photos: always an incredible location idea

I go to Yosemite for weddings and couple sessions many times every year, but it never gets old. The weather and light vary. It is always a fun game to find the best spots to shoot depending on the time of the day. Avoiding the crowd is another challenge especially if like now, the high season is approaching with its flow of people. We are talking about 4 million people in 2018 and most of them are coming between May and October…

Yosemite is the 6th most visited park in 2018 for a reason. Meadows, cliffs, viewpoints, waterfalls, hikes, walks, camping…name it! You can stay a long time there and not be bored – if you are lucky enough to book a place early on. My favorite time is towards the fall when you can still hike in the park and witness the change of colors in Yosemite valley. Think about it the next time you want to go!

Becoming friends

Danielle and AJ are two people I have a deep respect for. Since our first video call to meet again later in Sacramento, I love the way they live and prioritize their choices in life.

I often remind my couples during our initial conversation that we might become friends. We don’t have to, I will never put that (weird) pressure. Yet, I love leaving doors open to friendship. I had the best time that weekend with Danielle & AJ! And it was not easy! I mean, we had their session right when Ferguson Fire started.

The smoke made everything hazy and we seriously had a hard time breathing at one point. We barely slept as we did a sunset and a sunrise session. These two just focused on one aspect: having fun and keeping in mind that the circumstances are what they are. When your couple is that cool, keep smiling, I want to go above and beyond for them. And we all did! We hiked to Taft at sunset. Danielle and AJ eventually popped a bottle of Champagne there. We hang out the following day at sunrise at Glacier.

Their Yosemite engagement photos are unreal, but even more so, we all had a fantastic time together. My lovely wife was with us, and I can’t be more happy to count these two guys among my friends now. Their wedding will take place later this year in Tahoe, and I’m looking forward to seeing them commit to one another as their photographer and as their friends.
Check their photos below!

Visual Story

If you’re considering having a wedding or doing a session in Yosemite, hit me up and let’s make it happen!

Photographer: Sebastien Bicard
Location: Yosemite National Park, CA