Sebastien Bicard

Sacramento, CA

/ Photographer

A Paris Wedding in 3 Acts

Love is all around in Paris

Paris is the capital of love and lovers. It is and always will be one of my favorite cities. In the years I’ve lived there, I’ve embraced what Paris is know for, the French art de vivre that is hard to find in other international cities.  This is a city of pleasure: stopping by a cafe in the morning to have your espresso, drinking a glass of wine on a sunny sidewalk terrasse while people watching, getting lost in the meandering old streets and marveling at monuments built centuries ago, gathering with friends by the Seine to dance all night… I could go on.

French Wedding x3

Anael and Jeremy decided to get married in Paris. Instead of cramming all the wonderful festivities into one day though, they spread it out over a several days in order to fully take advantage of  their family and friends and this special time. Three times more fun; three times the opportunity to share their love; and as their wedding photographer, three times more photo ops to get capture their connection!  But it is worth all the effort to witness such a strong connection between these two.

The first day was close to Paris for the henna, a pre religious step. Then they went at the mairie, or city hall. This is a necessary legal step in France to be officially wed. Finally, they had a meaningful religious ceremony at the Synagogue in Paris III surrounded by family and community. The most festive part of their wedding is of course the soiree, the party! They chose to celebrate with tons of friends and family in the beautiful Salon Hoche. It was all so much fun (and I’ll admit it, exhausting). What a gorgeous celebration!

An Artful Collaboration

This wedding was a collaboration with MoonRiver Prod. It took place at the beginning of August, during the peak of the high wedding season in France. Despite working hard every weekend with awesome couples and beautiful locations,  it was such a relief to be with the MoonRiver team that day. These guys are so professional and fun to work with. As a bride and groom, relying on a team of easy going and professional guys is a super important for your big day. As a professional wedding photographer in Paris, collaborating with an awesome and artistic team in addition to having a beautiful couple to shoot, makes my job awesome.

Thank you to all of you for making this day a time of creating art and love.

Sebastien Bicard is a fine art wedding and portrait photographer based in Paris and California. He specializes in international travel and destination weddings worldwide.