Marv & Sal

Point Reyes engagement photos

/ Point Reyes, CA

Cozy Point Reyes

Marvin & Salvador on point for their Point Reyes engagement photos

Marv and Sal are great couple, and a great couple of guys. These two will be celebrating their wedding this year in Northern California with friends and family.

But before they tie the knot, we went to Point Reyes on a weather-swept afternoon in the winter for a cozy engagement session on the coast. Scroll down to see more of their Bay Area engagement photos, or read their full story below.

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Sweet Souls

Musical, silly, quiet, artistic, day-dreamer, passionate…these are some of the words these two gentlemen use to loving describe each other. How sweet is that? The two met several years ago, and started dating a few months later. They bonded over a shared humor and self-described weirdness. I know we’re all weird in our own ways, but when you find someone who gets your weirdness, you know he’s a keeper. That certainly is the case for Marv and Sal.

Their mutual respect and appreciation of each really shone through in their engagement photos. Smiles, laughter, cuddles, and coziness punctuated the whole afternoon and help set the tone for what I’m sure will be their amazing and beautiful long life together.

Moody Adventure are good with Point Reyes engagement photos

I’ve had the privilege of shooting engagement sessions in several killer spots in North Bay  – including Muir Woods, Tiburon, and Marin Headlands among others. But I keep coming back to one of my favorite spots to share with couples: Point Reyes.

This particular day in December was misty, moody, and windy. It made for super dramatic skies, and some cozy sweaters worn by this clean-cut couple. We may not have had the sparkling sunset sometimes enjoyed on this part of the coast, but I absolutely love the romantic mood of the day.

Thank you for trusting me, Marv & Sal! You guys made this shoot cozy, romantic and fun. I can’t wait to capture your wedding day celebration with the same love.

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Sebastien Bicard is a wedding and portrait photographer based in California. He specializes in international travel and intimate weddings worldwide.