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Paris is the perfect destination for an elopement. With its world-renowned architecture, charmingly narrow streets, sidewalk terraces, famous restaurants, museums, and private estates. Iconic landmarks will look timeless and classic as a backdrop, while picturesque neighborhoods like Montmartre are just so unmistakably Parisian.

Paris is my city, and I worked here for many years before moving to California. So, it makes sense now to combine the best of what I learned working in the US and where I live now as a Paris elopement photographer. After living in California for nearly ten years, covering hundreds of weddings and elopements, and falling in love with that incredible part of the world, I decided to bring my knowledge and passion back to my home city of Paris.


HOW TO ELOPE OR GET MARRIED IN FRANCE – if you’re American, British or from anywhere else.

It does take a bit of effort and preparation on your end, as you will read below. Most couples eloping in Paris choose to complete the official process in their home countries rather than fussing with administrative paperwork in France (we’re excellent at overcomplicating administrative processes). Then after they’re legally married in their country of residence, (or before, I’m no one to judge!), they plan a celebratory ceremony (intimate, small or large) somewhere amazing in Paris. This is where I can help you craft the most memorable day with a timeline, video calls, vendor lists, inspiration boards, and more.

To get legally married in France, you must meet a few rigorous requirements. The first is to have one spouse residing in the same city as where you would like to elope for at least one month. You will be asked to bring a certificate that proves your living situation at the city hall. The civil officers can ask for an interview for more details. In addition, if you are a foreigner, your birth certificate needs to be translated and legalized (apostille) to be accepted. Finally, the official ceremony must happen at the city hall where your file was submitted; not in a church, or outdoors, or in a park; it has to be city hall. So yeah, to save yourself the hassle and headache, I highly recommend completing the legal/official documentation process of your wedding in your home country and planning for a fun and festive celebration in the most beautiful city in the world. 

Let’s jump on a call, and chat about your plans or ideas. I’d love to talk about your vision and help you craft your unforgettable day(s) in Paris.

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Photography is the best tool to help my couples feel more comfortable showing vulnerability. Only after you can see how your unique love story will lead to a more meaningful life.

Elopements are crazy flexible and focus on quality time. The rules don't apply anymore; freedom is the way to go. Did you ever ask yourself what you really want to do on the day you make one of your most significant commitment?