Kat & Ryan

palm springs wedding

/ Palm Springs, CA

A Chic Palm Springs Wedding at Twin Palms Estate

Kat & Ryan’s Palm Springs Wedding at Frank Sinatra’s Twin Palm Estate

I couldn’t be happier to share this wedding post with you. Not only are Kat and Ryan truly genuine people to be around, their Palm Springs wedding at Twin Palms was nothing short of spectacular. Plus, we got the opportunity to do a bonus day-after session in Joshua Tree National Park, complete with one of the most gorgeous sunsets I’ve ever seen. All in all, a killer wedding weekend in the desert. Also, a big shout out to Nicole at Pink Pineapple Event Design for her amazing wedding planning skills. Thanks for all your help!

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The day after…


Palm Springs Couple

Kat and Ryan are one of those charismatic couples who have it all: an active community life, awesome friends and family to celebrate with, and a great connection. I mean, they even had Palm Springs Mayor Robert Moon, as officiant at their wedding! Their easy communication and obvious comfort with each other makes them a joy to be around, and a super awesome couple to shoot. You can tell just by looking at their pictures: they’re fun loving, ambitious and really special. Just like their wedding.

Twin Palms Estate for their Palm Springs Wedding

When they told me their venue in Palm Springs, I have to say that I was super intrigued. Frank Sinatra’s mid-century estate, Twin Palms, is totally gorgeous. Modern and classic at the same time, with that fabulous desert vibe – it feels like the quintessential Palm Springs chic.

They held the ceremony on the patio in the afternoon on a (surprisingly) overcast day surrounded by foliage, flowers, and friends and family. We even grabbed a few moments to shoot inside the impossibly chic interior of the house before heading out to the yard for the party for custom cocktails and some pool shenanigans. Formal, but fun. That’s definitely what they got!

Day After in Joshua Tree

What’s better than hanging out with a gorgeous couple on their wedding day? Getting a bonus day-after shoot with them in the desert! I am all about letting the bride and groom enjoy their special moments with friends and family on their big day. So, if they do have the opportunity (and energy!) to put their glad-rags back on the day after for some couple shots, I jump at the chance to shoot!

We headed out to the nearby desert the evening after the newlyweds tied the knot. We only had a few moments on this spring evening before the sun set, but fortunately twilight in Joshua Tree is pretty magical. Can you believe those colors? Perfect background to highlight Kat’s fabulous wedding gown and Ryan’s elegant tux – even if the cholla cactus kept sticking all over Kat’s train! We had a ton of fun before heading back to Palm Springs.

Shortly after the wedding, I got this text from Ryan after they viewed their photos:

“You’re amazing. Have such an eye and captured moments in a light I never thought possible.  You blessed our day and brought us to tears you captured these moments.  Thank you for being EVERYWHERE that day.”

You guys are amazing, and I feel blessed to be a part of your day as well.

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Sebastien Bicard is a wedding and portrait photographer based in California. He specializes in international travel and intimate weddings worldwide.

Photographer: Sebastien Bicard
Planner: Pink Pineapple Event Design
Location: Twin Palms Estate-Sinatra House
Officiant: Palm Springs Mayor, Robert Moon
Invitation designer:
Caterer: Ashley Catering
Floral designer: Pink Pineapple Event Design
Cake: Over the Rainbow
Dress designer: Pronovias
Dress boutique: Bohimi
Videographer: Summerland Creative
Dj: Ken Day Enterprises
Rentals Simply Heavenly
Groom’s apparel: Vera Wang (Men’s Warehouse)
Hair stylist: Tara Correnti at Dishwater Blonde
Makeup artist: Tara Correnti