A couple is hanging out in a hamac in Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree Elopement Photographer


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Joshua Tree Elopement Photographer

Joshua Tree was my first trip to Southern California after moving from France. It has been a favorite of mine since then. The light is gorgeous, and the park offers breathtaking locations to elope. Considering you can camp there, chose an irresistible AirBnb, or sleep in the nearby Palm Springs, Joshua Tree got so much to offer. I will help you craft the most memorable day based on my multiple travels for my couples’ stories after many years documenting stories as a Joshua Tree Elopement Photographer,

Candid of a couple in Joshua Tree
Sebastien Bicard Auto portrait


Call me Seb!

Photography is the best tool to help my couples feel more comfortable showing vulnerability. Only after you can see how your unique love story will lead to a more meaningful life.

Elopements are crazy flexible and focus on quality time. The rules don't apply anymore; freedom is the way to go. Did you ever ask yourself what you really want to do on the day you make one of your most significant commitment?

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