Sebastien Bicard

Sacramento, CA

/ Photographer

Elegant Spring French Wedding near Paris

This wedding story started in Thailand. Actually it started on Facebook when we talked sharing our travel stories about Asia. C&Q are another badass backpacker couple. Hanging out with them always means having fun and sharing some memorable laughs. Their connection with each other is obvious. They’re one of these couples that are best friends in addition to being in love.

This kind of connection is always awesome. Even more when you have a common experience of world traveling. I met up with them to share a glass of wine, some olives and after a few minutes conversation and laughs, it was clear that we would have a great day together. And we did.

C&Q rented this cool VW bus for the first part of their day. It added a pop of colorful warmth – like C’s smile. We then continued with a ceremony in the Domaine de Quincampoix where friends and family shared personal words and memories with the couple. Think about a place where art and elegance merged together. So charming.  

Tears, laughter, and true connections all combined on this special day you can discover below. Have fun and share the love!