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Romantic San Diego Engagement Photos

Wedding Photography California: San Diego Engagement Session

Looking for great spots for wedding photography in California? San Diego is a pretty safe bet! The sun. The beach. The palm trees. The botanical gardens. My favorite bit about my recent trip to SoCal though?

Forrest and Jon who participated in a romantic engagement shoot in Balboa Park and Sunset Cliffs. Scroll down to see their shoot, or scroll down to read their story.

Urban Culture

If you’re going to visit some of the highlights of San Diego, the impressive Balboa Park should be close to the top of your list. I had never visited this park before, but when Forrest and Jon asked if we could have a walk around to snap some of their engagement photos, I did a little research on this unique locale.

Turns out, it is the nation’s largest urban cultural park. And with the mix of wild natural flora and gorgeous spanish architecture, it is a killer spot for engagement photos! The museums, cultural centers and gardens are remains of the multiple international expositions and World’s Fairs that it has hosted over the years. Although it’s a popular spot for tourists and locals on a weekend, we managed to find enough empty space to have some intimate and romantic shots of just the two of them.

Sunset Cliffs

For the second part of their engagement shoot, we decided to get up early for a sunrise session at Sunset Cliffs. Yes, I realize this sounds a bit counterintuitive – especially when you know that these Cliffs are one of the most popular spots to see a gorgeous sunset in San Diego. But just for that reason, and the fact that we wanted the beach and cliffs to ourselves, we made the effort to get out there for a misty morning session. Tons of fun, great connection, and we were truly alone out there. It was awesome!

Thanks for the laughs, guys! Stay tuned for a blog post about their touching wedding day in the Sierra Foothills of California. Coming Soon!

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