Kristi and Vinny’s Westchester, New York Wedding

Last fall, Kristi and Vinny tied the knot in the historic Tappan Hill Mansion in Tarrytown, Westchester, New York. Their elegant and sophisticated wedding day was filled with family and friends from both coasts. Take a look at their unbelievably stylish wedding highlights below, or click here to read more of their story.

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Story cont. below…

Coast to Coast

I knew that Kristi and Vinny’s wedding was going to be epic when I first shot their engagement photo session in Napa Valley. This couple has it all: great taste, a playful and loving connection, and their totally gorgeous to boot! I loved the idea that they’d have their engagement session in California (where Vinny is from) and their wedding in New York (Kristi’s home). The Tappan Hill Mansion was a perfect location with a little Old World elegance and modern sophistication. It was an ideal venue for amazing New York Wedding photography.

Classic and Timeless

Kristi and Vinny opted for an elegant wedding for their guests; the color palette was understated and sophisticated. Kristi’s gown was unique and elegant. And that flower arch framing them for their vows? Absolutely breathtaking. Their carefully chosen aesthetics along with this couple’s connection made for truly timeless wedding photos.

Back East

Yes, I know – I’m super late blogging this wedding more than a year later. It’s just so hard to find the time to write and choose photos among all my favorites! But I was inspired to post this because I just got back from a few weeks on the East Coast – New England, New York, Cape Cod and some other delightful locations.

May I just say that I really really really love it there. It has a very different vibe than my beloved California home, but it’s so inspiring. The energy, the history, the weather…it feels like a different country. Although I’m based in California, making it over to Eastern seaboard for a few weddings and sessions each year is a must. Are you planning a New York wedding or engagement session? Hit me up and let’s make it happen!


Photographer: Sebastien Bicard
Makeup Artist: Kendall Bennewitz
Hair Stylist: Steven Picciano
Band: Dane Wright Band
Florist: Designs by Ahn
Caterer & Cake Artist: Abigail Kirsch
Gown Designer: Antonio Gual
Video: Intrigue Wedding Films
Getting Ready Location: Castle Hotel and Spa
Ceremony and Reception Location: Tappan Hill Mansion

Sebastien Bicard is a wedding photographer based in California. He specializes in international travel and intimate weddings worldwide.