Sebastien Bicard

Sacramento, CA

/ Photographer

How can I help you regarding the impact of the Coronavirus right now?

Dang, what a weird time with the spread of the Coronavirus. I received a message during the night from a photographer based out of Australia. She is stuck there while she was supposed to document a wedding down in Palm Springs. The spread of the Coronavirus is changing everyone’s plan. The Trump administration just suspended flights to and from Europe which will make things complicated for a lot of people.

So what can I do now? I am no specialist and I don’t intend to give my opinion as I don’t know anything. We see enough people acting quickly and it might not the best move.

The only thing I know is that I want and I can possibly help you. You might be stuck in California or in need of a photographer.

Let’s be kind and let’s help each other. If you think I can help, reach out on Instagram, Facebook or email. You can also contact me here if it is easier.