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San Francisco Paris wedding photographer 2015
What’s in my photo bag when I’m traveling
The travel bug... Traveling is nuts! Over the years, I have come to consider myself as an avid backpacker and traveler. Not just because of my actual travels abroad, but rather because I have been bitten by the travel bug and it will always be a part of who I am. . I use any excuse to get out of town and explore new places, and I’ ...
A Walk in Rome • Travel Photography
I'm a traveler at heart. I've traveled a lot over the past years; I even did a 6 month trip in Asia last year (check out one of my portfolios or my blog, if you're interested about travel photography). In all the places I visit, I ask myself whether or not I could stay there permanently. Whether or not I could make my life there. W ...
Travel Photography • People are awesome
I spent 2014 travelling the world from Asia to the USA. I feel lucky to have been able to do it and there was so much to learn. I now want to share what matters the most to me as a photographer and one of the overriding themes during this trip: people. I (almost) can't take good pictures if there are no humans present. I have no i ...