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Callie & Jason

New Hampshire Wedding

/ Keene, NH

An intimate backyard wedding in New Hampshire

Finding that Connection with Couples

Being allowed permission to photograph Callie and Jason’s intimate celebration for their New Hampshire wedding was a dream come true for me. 

As a photographer, you have to find the right balance of being in the moment and taking a step back from it. With this couple, I felt that I could do both simultaneously, which led to better photos for everyone involved.

Seeing Callie in her incredibly stylish cream top and gold skirt combo with her sweet son Simon was an eye-opener to relationships between mother and son, along with Jason’s natural intuition in caring for him. 

That’s another job as a photographer; learning and understanding the subtle nuances of each relationship you come across. It doesn’t matter how different or similar they may be to people you’ve come met before, each is unique in their own way.

Visual Story | Wedding Day

Visual Story | Day After

More than Just a Job

I always try to get to know the couples that I photograph over time. We don’t necessarily have to become friends, but I’d like to! You see, it’s so much easier to take photos of people you know, or even are just getting to know. There’s a connection there that you can see in the photos.

Photography is more than just a job to me – it’s a passion, and I hope you can see that in every photo I take. Whether we get to that certain level of closeness or not, I want you to feel how much I enjoy what I do.

That’s why I always provide a questionnaire to the couples that I meet, so getting to know them isn’t interrupted by any social awkwardness and we can dig right into what they are looking for.

Spotting the Real Moments

Jason’s navy suit perfectly complemented the golden hues of Callie’s gown, and their flair for elegance made it almost too simple to capture the ethereal romance they had together.

Including Simon in a few of the photos was a given. I love getting the chance to mix it up a bit, and finding the right way to showcase the love between Callie and her son was just another of the experiences I owe to being a photographer.

I love weddings like this, in a wide-open area but with a close-knit ceremony. It makes for awesome chances at varied shots and close-ups of all the emotions everyone was feeling, along with the chance to see the setting as a whole. 

When we did the formal photos during‘golden hour’, the light reflected beautifully off of this couple and made it seem like the sun was playing in our favor, instead of us just having impeccable timing. A perfect New Hampshire wedding! Often we are all too ready to forget about how much work ultimately goes into a wedding, from the florist arranging all of the flowers to your liking, to the caterer meeting the needs of all guests, and an amazing wedding cake.

The Magic

You can rest assured that as your photographer it doesn’t matter how many weddings or couples I have shot over the years, I never stop feeling the magic of the moments. My experience means that I do my best to smoothly catch the natural flow between all involved to discover those perfect moments.

Callie and Jason had a beautiful wedding, but what about you? I’d love the chance to help you savor the memories for years to come.

If you’re considering having a wedding or doing a session with me, hit me up and let’s make it happen!

The Wedding Team

Photographer: Sebastien Bicard
Location: New Hampshire and Maine
Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist: Beth Pilgreen
Florist: Naturally Elegant Designs
Cake Artist: Kristin’s Bistro & Bakery
Gown Designer: Leanne Marshall & Krustallos Couture
Groom Suit: Suit Supply