Why did I become a photographer and how Sebastien Bicard Photography started

Life was somewhat easy for me for quite a long time. When I was young, I built a special bond with my dad that would play a major role later. Life went on and I found myself in a stable place. Well paid job, a house, wife, kids, and friends. I thought I could not ask for more. Life was “easy”.

The early death of my dad opened my eyes: it only felt easy because I refused to be accountable for my choices. I was actually selfish and driven by my own person. It was the first time I decided to show vulnerability. This realization made me feel more at peace than anything before. Big changes happened after: I got divorced, I quit my job, I moved to a new country and the most profound change was to marry my wife, Tessa. My lobster.

And through it all, I finally found myself.

I don’t believe we need to change everything. In my case, being vulnerable fuels an incredible thirst to keep growing, taking risks everywhere I go, with anyone I meet. I’m in a place where photography is the best tool to help couples feel more comfortable showing vulnerability towards each other so they can see how their unique love story will lead them to a more meaningful life.


My belief system

Different events shaped my life and taught me the following beliefs. They rule my personal and professional life. Here they are.