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Sacramento, San Francisco, Paris Wedding Photographer • Sebastien Bicard
A relaxing surf vibe for this French wedding near Biarritz
Relaxing Wedding in Southwest France Do you think it’s possible to have your whole wedding be a chilled out, relaxing wedding? Sounds kind of like a dream - a dream many couples would love to have for their big day. Scroll down to see images of Mary and Stéphane's awesome day, or click here to read more of their story.  ...
British Charm at the Mansion in Leeds
Traveling for your job is a treat, but traveling to a country you barely know is always an adventure. And that's what England is for me: a funny, rainy country to the North, with a very specific brand of dry humor that I love (even if their accent can be tricky sometimes). Even better than just traveling in England is having the op ...
Elegant Spring French Wedding near Paris
This wedding story started in Thailand. Actually it started on Facebook when we talked sharing our travel stories about Asia. Caroline & Quentin are another badass backpacker couple. Hanging out with them always means having fun and sharing some memorable laughs. Their connection with each other is obvious. They're one of these ...